Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the Mercy Of Hope

Its been a while since my last post, but to the excitement of the amount of things that have happened to me all this while, well, stop this crapping and let us go to the topic of today,

Extreme Misery produce Extreme Hope -

this is a beautiful quote that i picked up while surfing the internet recently, and it struck me on the truth it brought a long with it in many aspect of life, at least my life as a start,
There have been time's where i had face tough situations that left me powerless and effortless due to the situation and environment that i had no control of at all, we all had once before, especially when freedom was taken away from a certain kind of authority , for e.g , parents, schools, camps...

the situation would worsen if we are not really enjoying the ride and is suffering under any kind pain, it felt like drowning, in a bottomless sea and there is no way out, at least not a visible one, due to the unstable nature of our emotions, we cant avoid it, and our judgement is like fried maggi.

After reading a few books, when we are up in such situation, we still retain a freedom, the freedom that one could never be removed of, a freedom that we usually take granted for all the giggles and anger, its our greatest ally and our greatest enemy-

The Freedom To Choose Our Reaction Towards a Situation!

Boom! damn, that hurts! All that over emotional, that sad feeling, the tears!
We can actually control it???
That's right my friend, in what ever situation that life throws at you, this is the only kind of freedom that nothing can ever take it away from you, well, unless you are dead, nothing much can be done anyway.

The pain, misery and all the things that make feel as though the world is freaking jealous of you and its trying to get rid of your happiness can be utterly avoided by a simple method, what is it?

Its On How You See The Problem!

IF you feel the problem is unsolvable , well it wont,
IF you feel the problem is solvable it will!

The first step is thinking the right way,
Second step is Believing ,
The last and most important part, TO COMMIT !

To COMMIT does mean no giving up and trying as hard as possible!

Follow these steps and you might find yourself accepting pain in a different way, a more self reflecting way and most of all, as a windows of progress!

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Kimmy said...

All problems are solvable.. it's like salt..when we put some water,,it'll dissolve n disappear..