Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love and lust..

Last night i watch a movie alone. the movie is "i think i love my wife" . Chris rock was starring in that movie so for me its a must watch as he is one of my favorite comedians around. At first i taught the movie was just plain comedy but it hit me, hit deep inside every men that have a wife or have pledge loyalty to their partner's (not gays). We are men but we are still boys. We confess that each one of us "appreciate" beautiful women.If you know what i mean. Yet a question is raised. How do we differentiate between love and lust? Making the right choice's if you are stuck in between to lover's. who do u love and who do u lust for?

Similarity between love and lust.
  • It generate the same excitement feeling in us
  • Create that satisfied feeling after getting secured with her
  • You want to be with her!
  • You need your partner! (in every way)
  • Share the same interest.
Differences between love and lust.
  • Love comes with responsibility! lust don't
  • Lust will forever be in us. But love will not. It requires stimulation to increase it or to make it drop inside of us.
  • Lust is desire. Love is that good feeling you have with a person that makes you happy.
  • Lust goes to everybody(stranger's too).Love are only for those you know
  • Love create wonderful memories. Lust make sexy dreams!
But in my opinion. love and lust can't be separated. Lust is like food for love.But the right kind of lust. The lust for your own partner. Through lust, love is generated.Through love we find happiness , security and well-being. The movie show's a men that has lost lust for his wife because she ignore the husband sexual need. But he really love her. But the lust is for another women. It remind us that we should balance both to have a healthy relationship. For muslim's who are not married yet! Forget the lust! Mau mati ka! hahaha. For me, the purest form of love is a child of your own.