Friday, July 24, 2009

F*ck you!

offensive isn't it? this will definitely start an argument.
that is the topic for today, arguments.

Democracy! is a product of arguments, how can this be??
Democracy is the basic system for most of the countries in the world, and the effectiveness level is without a doubt.
arguments is considered a taboo in the the malaysian society, it is considered disrespectful and rude to argue with an elder or somebody that we hold a high sense of respect towards them like bosses and teachers. those who dare enough to argue the authority(teachers, bosses,leaders) will likely to be seen as an elitist(a person of high social standings) or the kind of people who thinks they are better than those around them(malaysian view).

Arguments are the best of methods to solve or improvise anything! Two brains are always better than one! argument don't exist if it only involve a single person. Unless a person have a doubt within them.
In doubt, we , humans , will start to use all the knowledge that we have inside our brain and we decide which one will benefit us or more logical than the other to produce an answer, this method is called argument! we constantly argue with our self to produce the best answer for anything!
the differences between self argument with people involved in arguments is that it hold different opinions and view on the subject.

Arguments tend to lead to extreme result, extremely good solution or they end up in a bad fight which can worsen into a physical one.

The outcome can be controlled, how? kill your ego's and emotion! be open minded and remain focus on the objective of the argument.

when you can control that, it will end up as a healthy argument providing you with solution's to your problem. this is the main problem with malaysians! they tend to avoid arguements! because they can't control it! progress is achieve much faster if arguements were properly carried out. I can't blame directly to the malaysian community, i blame the "ketuanan system(daulat)" between the people with the sultan. Those who disobey the sultan is bound to get the "tulah" . there are still people who believe in such thing, we are all human. non is given more unless god permit it.

My suggestions is that, the malaysian people especially the youngs should be trained to control their emotion, to act more professional, to make them ready for any kind of arguments. And the taboos have to stop, the goverment should be more open minded on certain things in education like sex education. Sometimes what the people want is not best for them. Its up to the politician to decide what is best for them sometimes, if it doesnt benefit the people, maybe, the politicians are not good enough!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The path is?

We already past the midpoint of 2009. New economic plan, but still the old lame education system. At least they are getting it reviewed by UNESCO later. That is something to cherish a bit.
Sorry for those who have been kept waiting for a new post.

Friends or foe?? oppss.. family i mean... Which are the closest to us and actually influence our decision making?. let me brief you guys on both.

Family (parents and siblings) = Those who we hang on to the most, more matured (parents) but minus the fun and understanding(sometime).

Friends = Usually in the same age group, Great to be with, Understanding and as idiotic as you are!

So, when you decide to do something, ask yourself, who influence you to say "its okay to do this", "its safe" "its better" when you are deciding. here are some example:

Studying (parents : its a must) (friends :boringg!)
Wasting time (parents : do something!) (friends: What time wasting? Fun lor)

you decide on what to do next. Decision after all is made after we have consider all the outcome of the action we are bound to take.

But we all have to agree. parents' most of the time make us feel constricted while friends allow us to do what we wanna do thus the perception of they understanding us more. Its normal in teenage life. But are they wise enough and matured enough to know all the consequences of an action as our parent or any elder person would know? the answer is no.

From my observation, it is wise to say that . A generation of youth is in jeopardy of its future due to this problem. The path guide. And this i concentrate especially on the malays. In this modern day, Most parents are kept busy to look for money to make their family life more comfortable, but sometime they get too busy until that they have forgotten what they are working for actually, their children comforts.
These days parents is seen more as :
  • Authority
  • The source of income
  • Family caretaker
  • Big decision make
who can deny it, these are their resposibilities. Both childrens and parents have lost the most important responsibilites of all. To be Friends to each other.
They are the most important frined we could ever have, they are wiser, and more mature and they can help us with our problems, but unlucky for us they are some attitude that exist (cultural) that happen to be a great wall for some topics in our life such as sex, the opposite sex attraction ,
and here is the main problem in the malay culture, The children to parents respect level.
Malay parents usually set their standard so high that it have become uncomfortable to even talk to casually to their parents, and the taboo topics that we as a human cant avoid.

Not everybody have a parent that they totally depend on, this is where the role of the goverment comes into picture. SCHOOL! , teachers are the next best thing as friends after parents. But reality is here in malaysia is that most teacher are not even comited to the future of their students. For me, without a proper friend to guide the youth of today, the future look very dark indeed and at it best, no improvement.

i would want to suggest strongly that the goverment review the school time table to suit the parent working schedule. As these kids will have less time with their parents in the curent school schedule. Allowing them to spend more times with their friends rather than their parents.

And the most important thing of all, future parents have to be given a crash course on child development. Babies are like a new hard disk, what they are in the future are influenced by their enviroment. No race or culture is born to be weak! as human are bron equal, the diffrences is only at the attitude and belief of a culture.