Thursday, January 29, 2009

One of the funnniest movie around!

Its a tamil film that i really enjoyed..
Hidup vadivel!

My direction!

Here i am! Feeling and being bloody grateful for the freedom i have right now after quitting the bloody matriculation.... Living day to day doing the same thing over and over again. the only action i get is when i play my videogame's or just hanging out with my buddies!

Jobless! With our current economy condition i can hardly find a job out there, but i will take my chances with the computer shop's at shaw centrepoint. Not now because my mom ask me to take a job after i finish my driving license course, But i need some action and the freaking money!!

My phone!
Why today u have left me
You turn your LCD away from me.
Now I have to sent you to the hospital
Where i wish you back to your smiling ways
You fill in the Blanks in my heart!
Come back to me soon.
Good and smiling
Jangan rosak lagi lar!
Nanti kena beli phone baru takda duit taw!


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