Friday, July 24, 2009

F*ck you!

offensive isn't it? this will definitely start an argument.
that is the topic for today, arguments.

Democracy! is a product of arguments, how can this be??
Democracy is the basic system for most of the countries in the world, and the effectiveness level is without a doubt.
arguments is considered a taboo in the the malaysian society, it is considered disrespectful and rude to argue with an elder or somebody that we hold a high sense of respect towards them like bosses and teachers. those who dare enough to argue the authority(teachers, bosses,leaders) will likely to be seen as an elitist(a person of high social standings) or the kind of people who thinks they are better than those around them(malaysian view).

Arguments are the best of methods to solve or improvise anything! Two brains are always better than one! argument don't exist if it only involve a single person. Unless a person have a doubt within them.
In doubt, we , humans , will start to use all the knowledge that we have inside our brain and we decide which one will benefit us or more logical than the other to produce an answer, this method is called argument! we constantly argue with our self to produce the best answer for anything!
the differences between self argument with people involved in arguments is that it hold different opinions and view on the subject.

Arguments tend to lead to extreme result, extremely good solution or they end up in a bad fight which can worsen into a physical one.

The outcome can be controlled, how? kill your ego's and emotion! be open minded and remain focus on the objective of the argument.

when you can control that, it will end up as a healthy argument providing you with solution's to your problem. this is the main problem with malaysians! they tend to avoid arguements! because they can't control it! progress is achieve much faster if arguements were properly carried out. I can't blame directly to the malaysian community, i blame the "ketuanan system(daulat)" between the people with the sultan. Those who disobey the sultan is bound to get the "tulah" . there are still people who believe in such thing, we are all human. non is given more unless god permit it.

My suggestions is that, the malaysian people especially the youngs should be trained to control their emotion, to act more professional, to make them ready for any kind of arguments. And the taboos have to stop, the goverment should be more open minded on certain things in education like sex education. Sometimes what the people want is not best for them. Its up to the politician to decide what is best for them sometimes, if it doesnt benefit the people, maybe, the politicians are not good enough!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The path is?

We already past the midpoint of 2009. New economic plan, but still the old lame education system. At least they are getting it reviewed by UNESCO later. That is something to cherish a bit.
Sorry for those who have been kept waiting for a new post.

Friends or foe?? oppss.. family i mean... Which are the closest to us and actually influence our decision making?. let me brief you guys on both.

Family (parents and siblings) = Those who we hang on to the most, more matured (parents) but minus the fun and understanding(sometime).

Friends = Usually in the same age group, Great to be with, Understanding and as idiotic as you are!

So, when you decide to do something, ask yourself, who influence you to say "its okay to do this", "its safe" "its better" when you are deciding. here are some example:

Studying (parents : its a must) (friends :boringg!)
Wasting time (parents : do something!) (friends: What time wasting? Fun lor)

you decide on what to do next. Decision after all is made after we have consider all the outcome of the action we are bound to take.

But we all have to agree. parents' most of the time make us feel constricted while friends allow us to do what we wanna do thus the perception of they understanding us more. Its normal in teenage life. But are they wise enough and matured enough to know all the consequences of an action as our parent or any elder person would know? the answer is no.

From my observation, it is wise to say that . A generation of youth is in jeopardy of its future due to this problem. The path guide. And this i concentrate especially on the malays. In this modern day, Most parents are kept busy to look for money to make their family life more comfortable, but sometime they get too busy until that they have forgotten what they are working for actually, their children comforts.
These days parents is seen more as :
  • Authority
  • The source of income
  • Family caretaker
  • Big decision make
who can deny it, these are their resposibilities. Both childrens and parents have lost the most important responsibilites of all. To be Friends to each other.
They are the most important frined we could ever have, they are wiser, and more mature and they can help us with our problems, but unlucky for us they are some attitude that exist (cultural) that happen to be a great wall for some topics in our life such as sex, the opposite sex attraction ,
and here is the main problem in the malay culture, The children to parents respect level.
Malay parents usually set their standard so high that it have become uncomfortable to even talk to casually to their parents, and the taboo topics that we as a human cant avoid.

Not everybody have a parent that they totally depend on, this is where the role of the goverment comes into picture. SCHOOL! , teachers are the next best thing as friends after parents. But reality is here in malaysia is that most teacher are not even comited to the future of their students. For me, without a proper friend to guide the youth of today, the future look very dark indeed and at it best, no improvement.

i would want to suggest strongly that the goverment review the school time table to suit the parent working schedule. As these kids will have less time with their parents in the curent school schedule. Allowing them to spend more times with their friends rather than their parents.

And the most important thing of all, future parents have to be given a crash course on child development. Babies are like a new hard disk, what they are in the future are influenced by their enviroment. No race or culture is born to be weak! as human are bron equal, the diffrences is only at the attitude and belief of a culture.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The word "dowh"

Ko buat ape "dowh"?
dah makan "dowh"?
and the worse....
Ko pandailar "dowh"....

The conversation above is normal among malay teenager's these day's
The question is...
is it proper? does it bring any effect? is it just another day to day word??
Answer=Q1.No! Q2.YEs! Q3. It seems to be.

Explanation .
Question 1 - It's not proper in anytime or any moment. The word "dowh" is derived form the
word "bodoh". And i assume everybody who live in malaysia will know the meaning
of this word. Is it proper to do anything bad?? further explanation below.

Question 2 - The usage of the word "dowh" is to downgrade a person or to insult a person. Since
it has been used daily, they are no longer considered as an insult. Instead, it have
have been a proper way for some teenager to address their peer's. This daily used
of the word have successfully shadow the effect of using those word to the
teenager's. Here are some of the effect:
  • It will make your friend less confident of their self
  • There is nobody smart(a whole generation of stupid)
  • The sense of respect to each other is lost.
  • And for muslim's, you guys do know that every word is a prayer.
Indiviually, we will not feel the effect of it, but as we grow wiser and older. the effect will come to the community and we will notice it. Such simple word can bring great effect to the whole bunch, and my greatest fear is on the future of the malay itself. The teenage years are the most critical time for human development. If a whole generation of under confidence and stupid teenager is produce, what do we expect of us in the future? think.

Question 3 - answered in Q2.


For all the ladies out there. Please. I demand from you guys to never use and swear not to use the word "dowh" ever again. I respect women very highly in my life. They are my mother, sister, wife and daughter, they will always remain as the missing part of me. So, i beg to you. not to use this word. Please. Grace and Dignity is what set you apart from guys.Protect it with your life.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Silence, simple as it is, but a powerful tool man have failed to appreciate at times,
For some of us, it can only be obtained when we sleep, its a useful tool to help us sleep , but even more useful when we are conscious of it. Why would we want silent?? It's boring and unexciting, its even impossible when our friends are around.

let me show you on how to be silent:
  • Shut your mouth
  • Concentrate more on observing
  • When there is nothing worth hearing, just listen to a boring song that u barely pay attention to(headset).
  • And the most important part...Think'
What's the catch after doing this? , its the thinking part, when you have silent, you allow your mind to play in its own world. You actually buy time for your own mind, when you talk you use your mind but in a way you giving out information, silent allow us to build on information. Collect information too. One hobby of mine is putting on my headset in a crowded place, and just observe the way people work, communicate, and their culture. It's a beautiful thing. When we think, mostly we will think about the problems that we have and how to answer it. We all have that habit if thing get to freaking mess up, (our mind are like entangled wire's), we prefer it to be left alone until it disappear or be solved by its own, this is definitely a bad choice. i would recommend you guys to take yourself out of your daily habit's and just go somewhere in which where you can play with your mind. A place where silent is abundant.

What we say might make us look matured, but it's silence that grow us up. The more we are with silence , the more we have in this head.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dilemma Dua Alam

Ada masanya kite rase kehilangan, sesuatu di dalam hidup ini, aku pun juga pernah rasa kehilangan, apa yang aku tulis didalam blog ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman aku atau analisis perkara yang pernah berlaku didepan mataku sendiri. Adakalanya hidup ini amat keras, lembut, atau tiada.

Apabila hidup menjadi keras amat keras kepada hidup kita, kita inginkan kebebasan, dari masalah-masalah tersebut, dan bila kita tak tahan lagi, kita hanya meminta di beri satu hari untuk kita dilepaskan dari segala memori, diberi hidup baru untuk membina semula apa yang telah hancur.
tapi adakah kita sanggup untuk melepaskan semua yang tidak dimusnahkan juga??

Aku menulis ini specifically untuk golongan umur macam aku, late teens to young adults, kerana aku tahu, time2 ni lar kita berada di dalam tahap "confusion". Kita tak menentu tentang hidup, tiada kepastian dan tiada keselamatan tentang hari esok. Ada hari kita bergelak2 ada hari kita jatuh menangis. itulah kita. Masalah -masalah seperti memilih pekerjaan, hubungan, ibu bapa dan duit adalah suatu kepastian! hahahah... itulah kita,

Setelah aku teliti dan berfikir dalam2 pada tahap kemampuan aku. Aku rase masalah yang timbul ini banyak dilahirkan oleh ketamakkan hidup, ketamakkan untuk melebihi orang di sebelah kita, ataupun hanye terlalu mengejar langit lupa tanah dipijak, kita terlalu tidak sabar dan tidak berjaya untuk melihat masa depan.

Kita harus akui kita hidup dengan penuh impian tetapi penuh juga keraguan

Kita telah jatuh menjadi seseorang yang zalim terhadap diri sendiri, kita ingin memiliki sesuatu bukan milik kita lagi(not yet), sebelum layaknya kita.Kita lupa apa yang penting. Kita rasa bahawa ape yang dikatakan indah itu boleh dicapai pada waktu muda ini sedangkan kita masih terlalu awal untuk mengendalikannya, sebagai contoh:

-Cinta mungkin menambahkan seri dalam kehidupan kita ini.Tapi, Sangat perlukah kita terhadapnya bagaikan udara yang kita hirup? walaupun tidak, tapi apabila kita kehilangannya, kita bagaikan hampir mati dibenam kesedihan. Kita merasakan hidup kita ini kejam, tapi apda sebenarnya adalah kita yang kejam kepada diri kita kerana mengambil sesuatu yang tidak diperlukan lagi.

-Seberapa banyak duit kah kita perlu dan untuk aper? aku tahu, aku pun enjoy beli kasut, baju baru. tapi kenapa? untuk diperagakan kepada golongan apa? kepada rakan2? mereka juga golongan tiada pasti, golongan dewasa? mereka masih melihat kita ini kanak2. Duit sepatutnya kita gunakan dengan bijak. Pastikan tujuan setiap pembelian itu memberi manfaat dan lebih baik, manfaat pada masa2 akan datang.

-siapa yang tidak ingin dipandang tinggi? diberi penghargaan, di hormati dan diMInati, hahaha!
tapi apa yang telah kita lakukan?? lakukan untuk dapat penghargaan ini?, kebanyakkan kita hanya mengikut trend, memilik lebih duit dan berlagak cool, layakkah kitA?

The 3K,kebebasan,keseronokan & kesabaran
-Aku nak rase apa member2 aku ceritakan! macam best seyh! hahahaha...
Tiba2 parent's tak bagi, argh! kenapa member2 aku bley? alah, bukan ape2 pun,
parent aku tak nampak aper aku nampak. they all tak memahami.
sound familiar???
kebebasan adalah suatu benda yang amat merbahaya, yang dikawal oleh ibu bapa,
kesabaran memang tiada, kita ingin mersai semua seperti kita akan mati esok,
kesenorokan akan datang dari keinginan yang dipenuhi, adakah keinginan kita sentiasa baik?
pintas, di peringkat ini, kita senang lalai, lalu kite perlukan panduan. jika kita berpanduan, kita akan merasa setiap satu dari 3K ini, kerana panduan akan menjadi tali pengikat jiwa dari kelalaian, bersabarlar .

Banyak yang aku belajar dari setiap perkara yang berlaku jika aku berhenti seketika hanya untuk memikirkan tentang perkara itu. Bersendirian seketika waktu, bukanlar susah, try it.
Hidup ini bagi kita tidak lar sgt susah jika kita tahu aper yang kite perlukan dan tidak mengambil sesuatu yang belum boleh menjadi hak kita, kerana hidup kita memang tidak ada janji, kita hanye bersedia, bersedia cukup2 lar untuk kita mengambil hak kita itu..

Percaya, aku percaya, tiada langit tidak boleh dikecapi
tapi jika hanya aku tahun berapa jaraknya dari tanah aku berdiri,
supaya aku boleh bersedia dan bangun kembali apabila aku jatuh,
tapi aku bahagia, tanah telah menemani ku lama,
dia lar cinta.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life satisfaction

Don't we all want to feel satisfied after putting our effort on something?. The rewards.
for example, after putting on a lot of effort studying, we do want to get the A's, its a nature law, to get something we have to work on it.

And when we achieve what we wanted, the reward will come and we will be satisfied! simple.
But let us view this in a different perspective, in life.
In the United States Declaration of Independence, there it said:

That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

Human , only aim for one thing,that is Happyness.
Life and after death

based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation,[2] which he subsequently extended to include his observations of humans' innate curiosity.
he successfully divided the human needs and in an indirect way, the thing that satisfies us,human. He divided those thing in the pyramid above.

My question is, once the reward is ours, are we truly satisfied??
will we ever?
In my opinion, we will never ever be 100% satisfied.
and the worse part is when we are only satisfied when we get the rewards.
is that happyness? compared to the achieving ,work accumulate 99% of the time.
And we are only allowed 1% of the overall time to be happy??
For example.
If we hate our job, but the pay is good, we in terms to satisfy our need for money would take that job. But do we gain happyness? the only thing we enjoyed is the money or social rank's, nothing more.
If we look at the pyramid, money will fill the 2nd lowest part of it, just above our physiological need. and without enjoying what we do, we will be stuck there without going up the pyramid.

I believe, more satisfaction will be gain if we enjoy the work we do, instead of the rewards,
why? when we enjoy what we do:
  • We will be happy doing what we do
  • We can't get enough of what we do (we can't wait to do it again)
  • Life is less stressful
  • Security,when we work the reward will come(100%)
  • Time, instead of be happy for 1% due to the rewards, we are happy while putting on the effort
  • We will increase our Life quality.
  • We won't mind putting the extra effort when it become harder.
I can only list a few out of the possible hundred's of benefit's it may contain.
Sometimes, our mind are clouded with the BIG reward and forget the small rewards that make
our life better to live everyday.
Being a doctor or a lawyer or gaining the title "the most successful man in the world" doesn't promise eternal happyness.
It's enjoying doing the thing we love the most.
A stranger by the road may look like another person compared to a celebrity or a world leader.
but he may already achieve the thing he want's to achieve.
That is success.
But we still have to aim high.
And believe!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adakah Gambar ngeri di kotak rokok berkesan??

Adakah gambar di kotak rokok berkesan??
hakikatnye tidak, rakyat malaysia kita ini sungguh bijak2 belaka,
mereka menggantikkan kotak rokok tersebut dengan kotak besi, dan paling membanggakan, menutup gambar tersebut dengan gambar2 indah putrajaya.

gambar ngeri ini lebih memberikan kesan kepada golongan wanita kerana kelembutan hati mereka yang tidak sanggup melihat perkara2 begitu, tetapi tidak kepada golongan lelaki.

Saya ingin mencadangkan agar kempen anti rokok dijalan kan oleh kementerian pembangunan wanita dan keluarga . kenapa??

Saya ingin mencadangkan agar semua wanita2 di malaysia memboikot lelaki2 yng merokok!

Bagi yang mencari pasangan,
-Pakai tag "anti perokok"
-larikan diri dari perokok
-"Jual mahal" kepada perokok
-Tidak mencari lansung perokok

Bagi yang dah berpasangan
-Merajok(wanita memang hebat bab ni)
-boikot untuk tidak dating!
-Tidak mengaku sbg GF ketika BoyFriend merokok!
-Mencuri rokok tersebut!
-Membuat muka comel ketika memujuk BF untuk tidak merokok!
-dan paling drastik, "abng, kita clash jelar, Abng couple jelar dengan jin2"

Bagi yang dah berkahwin
-Berpiket bersama anak2
-Tidor awal (ehem2! sendiri faham)
-Mencatu perbelanjaan suami
-Mendoakan agar dilembutkan hati suami
-Jika suami tidak merokok sehari,tidurlar lambat(ehem2)
-Jangan masak
-buat2 batuk ketika suami merokok, ajak anak2 join batuk juga.
-nasihat suami dengan lembut.

Dengan cadangan tersebut, saya rasa perokok lelaki akan merasakan kehilangan sesuatu di dalam hidup mereka. Kerana mereka memerlukan wanita didalam hidup.
namkan kempen ini "lelaki merokok,lelaki durjana"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skema atau pandai?

Skema atau pandai? hurm...
sebelum itu, biar saya terangkan apa itu skeme dan aper itu pandai.

Skema a.k.a nerds:
1.Seseorang yang dilihat mendedikasikan hidupnya untuk buku!
2.Seseorang yang tidak melanggar peraturan
3.Seseorang yang tidak sosial
4.Seseorang yand mendapat A di dalam kelas.

Pandai a.k.a Bijak:
1.Seseorang yang mendapat apa yang mereka ingini.

Berdasarkan point2 di atas. Kedua2nya mempunyai persamaan yang sama iaitu, mereka berusaha untuk mencapai ape yang mereka ingini, walaupun seseorang itu tidak mendapat straight A ataupun gagal dalam beberapa subjek, ini tidak bermaksud mereka ini tidak pandai.

Apabila peperiksaan, mereka lebih menguji kepada Capacity otak seseorang (hafal pun boleh) tetapi tidak kepada cara kritisan dan pemikiran seseorang itu terhadap ilmu tersebut.
Ini tidaklah bermaksud bahawa semua budak2 skema pun hanya lar penghafal,

Yang penting bagi seseeorang untuk berjaya adalah keseimbangan dari setiap sudut,
jgn lar menjadi terlalu skema, dan jgn lar menjadi seseorang terlalu "hot" or "cool dude".

Kepandaian seseorang hanya boleh dinilai melalui kejayaan seseorang itu.Tidaklah pada
Berapa result mereka ataupun pekerjaan mereka. Tetapi pada mencapai aim mereka.


Is what you are.

You are the first to wake me and greet me after my death.
To kiss me and give me life.

Silent as you are.
You have no means for words, your existence is untouched by words.

Your shine, enlighten my souls from depression of the night.
Teaching me a new meaning of life.

The cold wind that blows,
Is like every touch and whisper from you to me.
Every blow whisper sure and comfort close to heaven.

Void is a foolish act to your sadness, your tears are dew's that calms the
Heat of yesterday sorrow.
Freezing the fire burning in a demon heart.

You may not stay, but you are forever.
I would curse upon the noon for coming.

I'm no King to take you prisoner.
But you are forever the Queen of this heart.

And everyday shall i wait for you,
For this throne has longed for you every moment.

Honestly.. what is love?

what is love?? a question unanswered for centuries,
never have somebody able to give an accurate answer. but opinions.
so this is my opinion on love.

when we talk about love.
Our brain will start to produce image's of smile's, happyness, and a bonding between two person
So, in actual, love is something that you imagine it is.
I like to breakdown my view of LOVE into a few component:

- Love cant be separated from emotion, love are born through emotion's, on how we feel.
The feel of liking, Understanding, the feel of belonging.
Out of these three, i would like to emphasize the feel of liking the most, because, it's the basic
unit of love. Without it, there will never be love.

-Love is a reaction of the body, that releases hormones to the body , that is the very reason why
"love" exist. Love is stimulated by emotion, It allow our body to relax , and produce that feel
good felling that we have. Now, ill bring you to the brain,Based from the book "the female
brain" , i believe , love is the pillars that hold our brain together, its a memory connector.
Its the glue within, why? , we remember well the thing we love more than anything.
and when we love somebody, we are actually using his brain as a input for another memory.
For example, we rely on our partner for something, like paying the bills, driving the kids to
school, these simple things make it hard for us when we lose our partner's. As they have
become a part of us.

-A unique entry, and a very hard to explain too. Time is essential for love. Like a child,
love need time to grow. and we need to feed it, the food?
things that produce the good feeling to the brain.

-Is the most complicated creature god have created. Men will take 10 years to fully understand
a cat, but people, it requires a lifetime. Because we are different, this differences make us a
creature more dominance than any animals. But when it comes to love, differences is the
connection. why? A person is only meant for another person, like a puzzle. To love. A person
have to fill in the blanks of another person. They fill up the holes of their partner's

-change? we can't change what we need, but we can change what we can give!
Think about it..

That sum's up my opinion of love in general. love is a part of the soul. we are born with it,
like the law of physic's
Love can't be created nor destroyed
We just transfer it, and its a shame that sometimes we replace it with hatred

the flight.. a poem for mother's

The Flight

wake up..
wake up mama...
today is the day,
to fell free and to fly to where you belong,
shuusshh... use those lips only to smile mama,
These wings of yours,
are healed,

it has been broken since the day you brought me to this world,
I can't promise that these wings are perfect,
but i do promise that these wings are ready for every
turn,hardship and pain as you,
have prepared it well.

I am no wing of deserving a permanent place with you mama,
these feather of mine is dirty and stained with your blood,
I'm sorry for the long wait
As you are,
An Angel of early and late,
An Angel of compassion and love,
An Angel that is untouched by time in this heart..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love and lust..

Last night i watch a movie alone. the movie is "i think i love my wife" . Chris rock was starring in that movie so for me its a must watch as he is one of my favorite comedians around. At first i taught the movie was just plain comedy but it hit me, hit deep inside every men that have a wife or have pledge loyalty to their partner's (not gays). We are men but we are still boys. We confess that each one of us "appreciate" beautiful women.If you know what i mean. Yet a question is raised. How do we differentiate between love and lust? Making the right choice's if you are stuck in between to lover's. who do u love and who do u lust for?

Similarity between love and lust.
  • It generate the same excitement feeling in us
  • Create that satisfied feeling after getting secured with her
  • You want to be with her!
  • You need your partner! (in every way)
  • Share the same interest.
Differences between love and lust.
  • Love comes with responsibility! lust don't
  • Lust will forever be in us. But love will not. It requires stimulation to increase it or to make it drop inside of us.
  • Lust is desire. Love is that good feeling you have with a person that makes you happy.
  • Lust goes to everybody(stranger's too).Love are only for those you know
  • Love create wonderful memories. Lust make sexy dreams!
But in my opinion. love and lust can't be separated. Lust is like food for love.But the right kind of lust. The lust for your own partner. Through lust, love is generated.Through love we find happiness , security and well-being. The movie show's a men that has lost lust for his wife because she ignore the husband sexual need. But he really love her. But the lust is for another women. It remind us that we should balance both to have a healthy relationship. For muslim's who are not married yet! Forget the lust! Mau mati ka! hahaha. For me, the purest form of love is a child of your own.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

One of the funnniest movie around!

Its a tamil film that i really enjoyed..
Hidup vadivel!

My direction!

Here i am! Feeling and being bloody grateful for the freedom i have right now after quitting the bloody matriculation.... Living day to day doing the same thing over and over again. the only action i get is when i play my videogame's or just hanging out with my buddies!

Jobless! With our current economy condition i can hardly find a job out there, but i will take my chances with the computer shop's at shaw centrepoint. Not now because my mom ask me to take a job after i finish my driving license course, But i need some action and the freaking money!!

My phone!
Why today u have left me
You turn your LCD away from me.
Now I have to sent you to the hospital
Where i wish you back to your smiling ways
You fill in the Blanks in my heart!
Come back to me soon.
Good and smiling
Jangan rosak lagi lar!
Nanti kena beli phone baru takda duit taw!


I just modified my profile to look a little bit better than before in evry sector from the content to the page itself. pliz. comment as much as you want with no boundaries