Monday, June 7, 2010

The Light of Desires

To start things off, first, i apologize for the big gap since the last post, I didn't expect much of a follower to my blog as it doesn't really connect to the interest of most 20 year old, i was quite surprise when a few people come up to me and ask me when am i going to update my blog, sorry for the wait and thank you for the support.

The Impression.
- Study shows that man learn 92% of the time through visual. We are impressed the most by visual stimulation, those beautiful flowers in the garden, that beautiful girl that used to be at the back of our class, these things impressed us the most. thus they stay the most in our memory when we have developed fondness of such beauty. From this fondness, we have develop a desire for it, we want it, for ourself, to have something of beauty is a trophy, and not everybody can have a trophy, it does mean feeding our ego's , separating ourself from the norms, being on top, being honored . So do we think, teen's are the perfect example of such situation, they want to have the best looking girl/boy to accompany them, to have the best dress,to study the in the best universities. to own the best car, to look the best, to be adored by other and being approved by the society. For the older crowds, they want the best car, the best looking children, the best house, the best position/job and the biggest number in their bank accounts.

The Intention
- From impression, we evolve it into desires, again, question ourself why is the thing we are impressed on change into a a desire,

1. We don't have all of this beauty
2. It promises a better life (so do we think)
3. To gain social recognition
4.To be the best and beat the rest.

these are the most common answer to the basic question asked. the first one is honest, while the rest, depends on the intention of the person. Take a minute, answer this question quietly in your heart.

Why do i want to be wealthy?
Why do i want to be known?
Why do i want to be successful?

Now, take a look at your answer, all of this reason, do you think of your own benefit alone first, or the benefit of the people around you first? If your answer is the former, you are a selfish bastard! if your answer is the latter, you might gone through hell and want hell to change or you just had a guilty conscious after knowing that you are actually among the former.

The great philosopher, HAMKA, said in his book saying " it is better to live in mediocracy thus its only right to have mediocracy in your dreams and ambition" . At first reading this line, i was infuriated , it is as though saying that man should limit their dream and not to aim high in life which was against my belief, i believe man should have high aims and ambition, success is only the second creation of man after his first creation, that is , his dream . After reading the book further, he finally explain what he actually meant.

In the final chapter of his book, he explains that something that left me thinking and in a soul search mode. Finally he enlighten me with an answer that left me questioning myself even more. so. what was is it that he said?

Before a man should dream and set out his ambition, to be the best, to have everything he ever wanted, to be the king of kings. A Man, should rather focus on his Intention of having all of this dream and ambition, for what will he fulfill after having achieving all of this? will it do any good on this world and the people on it or will it only feed his ego, his greed and his selfishness? That finally will lead to his own demise. Rather than focusing your time on developing your dream, it is better for a Man to seek his own heart to understand his real intention for his dreams and ambition.

I was blown away with this tiny piece of writing and kept me thinking for days , learning who I really am. within. this is What i demand of you, ask yourself and your desire, who is it for, your moral compass will show it to you.

The Enlightenment.

Man are created to be selfish, it is through this that we ensure our own survival, then we evolve , we grow in groups, community and finally society, so thus our selfishness, we will protect the interest of our group first before helping other group. These are actually natural response to protect our own existence. Animalistic character that help us survive in this world, but we do , sometimes get carry away with such character that we have become unjust to other and the worst, to our own self.we want to become rich,famous and successful because we want to be seen as rich, to be respected, to be look up upon, and living the best life. All for our own bloody benefit! and we demand others to give us the respect and adoration while we have been selfish ! They too are selfish as well.

So , here am i, saying that, as long as your intention is selfish, everything you want is only a lie. How can you earn the respect of people, when you are the rich who acts snobbish in front of them? how can you be perceived successful when you make them feel that you are not in the same plane as them? When your heart is selfish, so will your character, thus it will be shown without your own conscious through your actions.

What i want to stress on this post is that, yes, without a doubt, we should have a big aim, big dream , we all should or our own sake, but for the most of the part, for the sake of the people around us, instead of saying my success, we should be saying our success. As far as i remember, A trophy won alone is remembered alone, But a trophy won by a team, remembered by the whole team, Your success is not your happiness alone, but also bring about the happiness of others. Material things, they will decay and slowly destroy itself through time, no matter how hard we try to conserve it, it will never say anything to you or smile back at you, it will bring no value to your heart and soul. Compared to the happiness you provided to others, it will turn into memory, a beautiful memory in which they adored, like the memory of a mother, in which one could never forget, Will bless you and fulfill your heart and soul with smiles and adoration that you have much wanted before.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Forbidden Roots

Holla people! again i am up in early morning to write my latest "eureka" moment of the day, i got this while reading a book by John c.Maxwell and through my observation of the students in my class. I will touch upon the effect's of Leaders in the school community(students) and how we have failed to move and make use of them.

The assumed leaders.
- This is how a school assume a leader among student
-Responsible, hard working, top scorer's,
these are role models as leaders and school's push hard to develop this kind of leaders due to the good image surrounding them.

The REAL leaders.
-there are two types, the one's the school put a highlight on and the one's that the school ignore and try their best to remove them.
the truth about leadership is that it exist not on the "role model" quality a person have, but very much on the influence a person exert on the people around him or her. regardless good or bad.

let me say it again, a person is a leader when he or her have followers and influences, regardless of what quality that he possess.

Why do i talk about leaders among student?
Because they are the roots to the success and failures of a school. there are two direction of a leaders, they can bring about destruction (Hitler as an e.g) and they can also bring about great success ( e.g are too many)

Where is the failure?
Do you remember there are some people in your school that are popular and have a group of people that always surrounds them, to make it simple, imagine this, there is somebody in your school who is well known for the mischievous stuff he have done, and he seems to have a group people following his footsteps, these people are natural born leader but without a proper sense of direction and schools always seems try to remove them and will never acknowledge them as leader. These people bring about influence to other students that surrounds them, in the small community of a school , they are not too hard to be spot, they are usually very famous. so, where is the failure?

1.Schools try to remove them from the school.
2.Never to acknowledge their influence among other students.
3.Not willing to build and encourage these leaders and give them a proper direction as without a doubt, hard to be done, yet never impossible and the reward of it could be very rewarding.

Imagine this.
These small time mischievous leaders's, have somehow change to a proper and constructive direction, and this will allow the school to be able to make use his influence to change the attitudes of his followers through his leadership. but to be able to change a leader, the school must acknowledge, nurture and change their attitude towards these mischievous leaders. Instead of concentrating on each individuals in a school, you get a much faster and rewarding result if you can control the LEADERS in the school community, use their connection to reach even more.

Why such plan is never implemented properly.
Pardon me for any discomforts that i might produce in the next few lines.
The truth is, good leadership is barely visible in our education system, proof?
most teachers are not having the proper attitude, motivation and drive.
the ministry always have an issue on the work quality of the teachers,
and the boom of private tutor industry at a level where a student can only be expected to get good grades when they attend tuition classes. This attitude have taken a lot of time away from children's of today, they have build a community that have a strong belief that only academic success is important for further success in life and they have fail to develop on other important values in life such as family, leisure, and etc... which is important for a healthy lifestyle and good habits that allow them to produce progress.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the Mercy Of Hope

Its been a while since my last post, but to the excitement of the amount of things that have happened to me all this while, well, stop this crapping and let us go to the topic of today,

Extreme Misery produce Extreme Hope -

this is a beautiful quote that i picked up while surfing the internet recently, and it struck me on the truth it brought a long with it in many aspect of life, at least my life as a start,
There have been time's where i had face tough situations that left me powerless and effortless due to the situation and environment that i had no control of at all, we all had once before, especially when freedom was taken away from a certain kind of authority , for e.g , parents, schools, camps...

the situation would worsen if we are not really enjoying the ride and is suffering under any kind pain, it felt like drowning, in a bottomless sea and there is no way out, at least not a visible one, due to the unstable nature of our emotions, we cant avoid it, and our judgement is like fried maggi.

After reading a few books, when we are up in such situation, we still retain a freedom, the freedom that one could never be removed of, a freedom that we usually take granted for all the giggles and anger, its our greatest ally and our greatest enemy-

The Freedom To Choose Our Reaction Towards a Situation!

Boom! damn, that hurts! All that over emotional, that sad feeling, the tears!
We can actually control it???
That's right my friend, in what ever situation that life throws at you, this is the only kind of freedom that nothing can ever take it away from you, well, unless you are dead, nothing much can be done anyway.

The pain, misery and all the things that make feel as though the world is freaking jealous of you and its trying to get rid of your happiness can be utterly avoided by a simple method, what is it?

Its On How You See The Problem!

IF you feel the problem is unsolvable , well it wont,
IF you feel the problem is solvable it will!

The first step is thinking the right way,
Second step is Believing ,
The last and most important part, TO COMMIT !

To COMMIT does mean no giving up and trying as hard as possible!

Follow these steps and you might find yourself accepting pain in a different way, a more self reflecting way and most of all, as a windows of progress!