Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Forbidden Roots

Holla people! again i am up in early morning to write my latest "eureka" moment of the day, i got this while reading a book by John c.Maxwell and through my observation of the students in my class. I will touch upon the effect's of Leaders in the school community(students) and how we have failed to move and make use of them.

The assumed leaders.
- This is how a school assume a leader among student
-Responsible, hard working, top scorer's,
these are role models as leaders and school's push hard to develop this kind of leaders due to the good image surrounding them.

The REAL leaders.
-there are two types, the one's the school put a highlight on and the one's that the school ignore and try their best to remove them.
the truth about leadership is that it exist not on the "role model" quality a person have, but very much on the influence a person exert on the people around him or her. regardless good or bad.

let me say it again, a person is a leader when he or her have followers and influences, regardless of what quality that he possess.

Why do i talk about leaders among student?
Because they are the roots to the success and failures of a school. there are two direction of a leaders, they can bring about destruction (Hitler as an e.g) and they can also bring about great success ( e.g are too many)

Where is the failure?
Do you remember there are some people in your school that are popular and have a group of people that always surrounds them, to make it simple, imagine this, there is somebody in your school who is well known for the mischievous stuff he have done, and he seems to have a group people following his footsteps, these people are natural born leader but without a proper sense of direction and schools always seems try to remove them and will never acknowledge them as leader. These people bring about influence to other students that surrounds them, in the small community of a school , they are not too hard to be spot, they are usually very famous. so, where is the failure?

1.Schools try to remove them from the school.
2.Never to acknowledge their influence among other students.
3.Not willing to build and encourage these leaders and give them a proper direction as without a doubt, hard to be done, yet never impossible and the reward of it could be very rewarding.

Imagine this.
These small time mischievous leaders's, have somehow change to a proper and constructive direction, and this will allow the school to be able to make use his influence to change the attitudes of his followers through his leadership. but to be able to change a leader, the school must acknowledge, nurture and change their attitude towards these mischievous leaders. Instead of concentrating on each individuals in a school, you get a much faster and rewarding result if you can control the LEADERS in the school community, use their connection to reach even more.

Why such plan is never implemented properly.
Pardon me for any discomforts that i might produce in the next few lines.
The truth is, good leadership is barely visible in our education system, proof?
most teachers are not having the proper attitude, motivation and drive.
the ministry always have an issue on the work quality of the teachers,
and the boom of private tutor industry at a level where a student can only be expected to get good grades when they attend tuition classes. This attitude have taken a lot of time away from children's of today, they have build a community that have a strong belief that only academic success is important for further success in life and they have fail to develop on other important values in life such as family, leisure, and etc... which is important for a healthy lifestyle and good habits that allow them to produce progress.

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