Saturday, June 6, 2009

The word "dowh"

Ko buat ape "dowh"?
dah makan "dowh"?
and the worse....
Ko pandailar "dowh"....

The conversation above is normal among malay teenager's these day's
The question is...
is it proper? does it bring any effect? is it just another day to day word??
Answer=Q1.No! Q2.YEs! Q3. It seems to be.

Explanation .
Question 1 - It's not proper in anytime or any moment. The word "dowh" is derived form the
word "bodoh". And i assume everybody who live in malaysia will know the meaning
of this word. Is it proper to do anything bad?? further explanation below.

Question 2 - The usage of the word "dowh" is to downgrade a person or to insult a person. Since
it has been used daily, they are no longer considered as an insult. Instead, it have
have been a proper way for some teenager to address their peer's. This daily used
of the word have successfully shadow the effect of using those word to the
teenager's. Here are some of the effect:
  • It will make your friend less confident of their self
  • There is nobody smart(a whole generation of stupid)
  • The sense of respect to each other is lost.
  • And for muslim's, you guys do know that every word is a prayer.
Indiviually, we will not feel the effect of it, but as we grow wiser and older. the effect will come to the community and we will notice it. Such simple word can bring great effect to the whole bunch, and my greatest fear is on the future of the malay itself. The teenage years are the most critical time for human development. If a whole generation of under confidence and stupid teenager is produce, what do we expect of us in the future? think.

Question 3 - answered in Q2.


For all the ladies out there. Please. I demand from you guys to never use and swear not to use the word "dowh" ever again. I respect women very highly in my life. They are my mother, sister, wife and daughter, they will always remain as the missing part of me. So, i beg to you. not to use this word. Please. Grace and Dignity is what set you apart from guys.Protect it with your life.